The Tae Kwon Do universe consists of people from 192 Countries, from all races, creeds, colors, genders, and ages that share a common, unifying bond.  That bond is the understanding that Tae Kwon Do is not just a fighting art but a way of life.

Tae Kwon Do Life Magazine is the forum for sharing:

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  • Training tips
  • Culture
  • Cuisine
  • Tournament and event information
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  • and more

Welcome to your Tae Kwon Do Life!

Recognized as the Premier Martial Arts School in the Nation by the N.Y. Times 

The Korean Cultural Service New York (KCSNY) is a government institution inaugurated in December 1979 to establish and promote Korean culture and aesthetics in New York. KCSNY provides diverse cultural and artistic activities including gallery exhibitions, performing arts concerts, film festivals, and educational programs.